Mei 14, 2013

NordFX hastens to inform its clients about the release of the latest MetaTrader4 Build 500 with upgraded and expanded possibilities.

The new MT4 build allows managing trading levels right from the chart. To set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels for a position, you simply drag and drop the needed level upward (TP for buy positions) or downward (SL for sell positions). When the “One Click Trading” mode is enabled, dragging trading levels results in immediate modification of the order without the trading dialog popping up.

Besides, quick trading becomes easier overall – when “One Click Trading” is enabled, the trading dialog closes right after a successful operation. If there’s an error, the trading dialog displays its cause. Also, when “One Click Trading” is on, the “Close” command in the context menu of a position results in immediate closing of the position without the trading dialog appearing again.

The use of alerts and trading signals becomes even more handy and effective. Now alerts can be set right from the chart. To improve the signals feature, copying trading signals has been corrected – earlier the error there occasionally led to re-copying of a trading position after it was closed. The signal subscription dialog now includes a detailed warning of differing settings for trading instruments at the signal source and on the subscriber’s side. This reduces the chances of subscribing to a signal incompatible with the subscriber's trading account. Further, the "Enable own" feature has been added which implies permitting only signals from your broker.

The latest build has a number of other improvements to make the trading terminal function in a more accurate and reliable way:

  • errors that caused freezes of trade requests during massive trading from MQL4 applications have been fixed;
  • the display of price charts with a large range of values has been upgraded;
  • the display of prices with 4-decimal place precision in the quick trading tab has been improved;
  • saving a chart screenshot in the "Active chart (as is)" mode has been fixed;
  • the client terminal's work with large volumes of trading history has been optimized;
  • logging of operations with Trailing Stops has been added;
  • more precise calculation of trading history results in basic and extended history reports has been fixed.

For the sake of more expedient use of МТ4 MultiTerminal, build 500 now has better display of the “Market Watch” window in the “Popup prices” mode when client accounts have additional difference in spreads. On top of that, errors in crash logs have been fixed.

Please note that as of 1 August 2013 MT4 terminals with builds older than 439 will no longer be supported. Due to this fact, we highly recommend that all our clients should upgrade their trading terminals in the nearest future.

We trust that the latest upgrades and improvements of MetaTrader4 features will make your trading ever easier, more convenient and profitable!

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