Jun 21, 2013

NordFX and Currensee, a leading provider of automated Forex trading systems, are pleased to announce the launch of their partnership. Now, thanks to the Currensee Trade Leaders™ Investment Program, a unique auto trading service, you gain the opportunity to automatically execute the trades of professional traders (Trade Leaders) in your account online while preserving full control over your own account. Rest assured that your selected Trade Leaders have gone through a rigorous due diligence process at Currensee based on their performance and risk management track records.

It is very easy to work with a Currensee account:

  • 1. For your portfolio you select Trade Leaders whose trades you want to execute in your account;
  • 2. Allocate your funds to each Trade Leader;
  • 3. You can add, delete or modify your Trade Leaders at any time;
  • 4. Your Trade Leaders’ transactions are automatically executed in your trading account;
  • 5. You always have access to risk management controls – features that allow you to modify your investment portfolio and trading performance metrics. Besides, you can independently make any changes for trading in your account;
  • 6. Evaluate trading performance and profitability in real-time.

With a Currensee account, you get the most favorable terms:

  • A broad choice of Trade Leaders;
  • Minimal deposit $1,000;
  • A unique system of investment and risk management;
  • Automated trading at any time, even with your computer switched off.

Professional strategies and auto trading in your Currensee account, advantageous terms and top quality service open up a new realm of possibilities on the Forex market both for beginners and experienced traders.

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