Ogos 6, 2017

Dear partners! We are glad to inform you that the two-level Affiliate program starts to operate from 08.08.2017, it will help you to significantly increase your profits.

If until recently you used to receive a commission only from the trade of the clients you attracted, from now on, if any of these clients also become NordFX partners, you will additionally receive 10% of their profits.

Thus, your income will consist of two sources: from the trade of your referrals (the first level) and from the trade of referrals of your referrals (the second level).

Partners of the second level, as well as at the first level, will receive the commission in full. As for the additional 10% reward, it will be paid to you from NordFX's own funds.

The two-level program will begin to operate from 08.08.2017 automatically for all current and new partners. You are not required to take any additional actions.

The second level of the partner commission will be credited once a day. Detailed statistics are, as usual, available in the partner section of the personal cabinet.

We are confident that when you start to develop your own partner networks, you will appreciate the benefits of our two-level Affiliate Program, which will become another steady source of your income.

In case you have any questions, you can always ask them at ib@nordfx.com and we will be happy to help you.

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