Ogos 15, 2017

One more channel has been added this August to numerous channels for the communication of NordFX clients with the company, Telegram, a free messenger for smartphones and computers.

Now, along with e-mail, free phone calls, chat on the website, NordFX pages and groups in most popular social media, the company's clients can receive up-to-date information, as well as quickly solve their issues, with Telegram. This messenger can also be used in the dialog box in the mobile version of the company's website.

Telegram allows you not only to exchange text messages, but also files of other formats - images, archives, documents, etc. The address of the NordFX News and Analytics channel is https://t.me/NordFX_Eng, the channel for communication with the support is @NordFXBot.

Due to the convenience of the messenger, the number of Telegram users exceeds 100 million people around the world, and the number of daily messages sent has reached 15 billion. We hope that NordFX clients will also appreciate this service and it will provide even more assistance for their successful trade in the Forex market.

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