Mac 1, 2011

We are glad to announce a new unique program for our existing clients, called NordFX Shop. There you can exchange «NFX» points for valuable prizes. Points are accumulated by each trader as a result of trade for the transactions.

The program essentially focuses on awarding points to the clients, at a 100 point per lot ratio (10 points per 0.1 lot and 1 point per 0.01 lot respectively). The amount of points accumulated can be seen any time in Trader’s Office. If a trader has several accounts, the total bonus amount for all accounts will be shown, a feature that makes it easier to get a high-value prize sooner. A prize will be shipped worldwide to the address specified at the checkout.

At the launch time several categories of prizes will be made available, ranging from status products to everyday goods. Among others, iPhone 4, iPad, HTC Desire HD, Canon 550D, brand name USB pen-drives, men and women’s accessories with NordFX logo. It’s planned to update and expand the range of goods available on a periodic basis, based on traders’ feedback.

We hope NordFX Shop will please and reward traders while making their cooperation with NordFX a productive and enjoyable experience, even more so than it is now. All you have to do is to sign in to Trader’s Office at the website, confirm your agreement with the Rules of Participation and start accumulating «NFX» points. We wish our traders a successful trading and welcome to take part in NordFX new promo!

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