Trader’s Cabinet

  1. What is the Trader's Cabinet?

    Trader's Cabinet is a private trader's space to manage the real trading account. The Trader's Cabinet is not created for demo accounts.

    Non-trading operations on the account are carried out in the Trader's Cabinet, in particular funds deposit and withdrawal, internal transfers between accounts, uploading documents to verify accounts and verification of bank cards. You can set the account protection with the help of SMS-codes in Trader's Cabinet, download trading terminals, Buka Akaun Demo, including one for participation in the DemoCup contest, add an account for monitoring and register an affiliate account. The ticketing system in the Cabinet is to communicate with the Customer Support and a number of other departments of the company.

  2. How do I get into the Trader's Cabinet?

    The Trader's Cabinet is located at, or you can get to the Cabinet from the company's website, filling in the fields in the upper right corner of the page. To enter the Trader's Cabinet, you must enter your login (account number) and the Trader's password.

  3. Why cannot I sign in to the Trader's Cabinet?
    • Make sure that you enter the correct trader’s password (copy and paste it from the registration letter instead of manual input) when signing into the Trader's Cabinet.
    • Try clear the cache of your browser and sign in again, paying attention to the correct input of the trader's password. Ctrl + Shift + Del will clear your browser cache.
    • If the account has been inactive for more than 90 days, it is moved to the archive. In this case, it is impossible to log on the account in the Trader's Cabinet and in the trading terminal. When signing in to such an account in the Trader's Cabinet a message on archiving the account appears, it contains a button to apply for its activation as well.
  4. What is the difference between the Trader's Cabinet balance and the MT4 terminal balance?

    The Trader's Cabinet balance is funds not engaged in trading. They can be withdrawn, transferred to another account or accrue to the trading terminal.

    The MT4 Terminal balance is free funds available in the trading terminal itself. When funding the account, the funds are credited by default to the MT4 terminal balance and are available for trading.

    To transfer funds between the Cabinet and the balance of Trader MT4 terminal balance, you must click on the link "Deposit / withdraw funds from MT4 balance" in the top right corner of the page, enter the amount and click "Deposit" or "Withdraw".

  5. What is the IB status?

    IB status is a status of a partner in our company, it is not required. The Terms of the Partner Program are set out in the company's website at, as well as in the corresponding section in the Trader's Cabinet. Having received the partner status (IB status), you can attract customers by using a special link and get to the balance of your account a fee for each transaction, closed in the account of each client that you attract.

    To get an IB status, you need to fill out an application in the "Affiliate Program" in the Trader's Cabinet. To do this, you need to have a verified account "Micro", "Standard", "MT-ECN" or "Premium".

  6. Where can I see basic information about my account?

    The section "Personal Settings" in the Trader's Cabinet contains your personal information and the details on your account (balance, Jenis akaun, set leverage). Here you can choose which balance is credited when depositing funds, the Trader's Cabinet balance or the MT4 terminal balance. The funds are credited to the MT4 terminal balance by default.

    For added security, you can specify which IP addresses can access the Trader's Cabinet. IP addresses must be entered through the separator: a comma, a space, or a new line.

  7. How do I combine the accounts and what is it for?

    If you open multiple accounts in our company, you can combine them for a more comfortable work. The registration data of accounts should be the same (name, Alamat, e-mail). The request to combine the accounts can be left in the "Accounts Consolidation" in the Trader's Cabinet, after which it will be processed within 1 business day.

    The account consolidation gives you the following advantages:

    • The internal transfer between accounts is instant (without an additional verification by the finance department).
    • When one account is verified, all combined accounts are verified automatically.
    • When a credit card is verified it is verified for all the combined accounts.
  8. How can I protect my account via SMS?

    For added security, you can connect an additional protection via SMS to your account. After this, each request for funds withdrawal, in addition to specifying the PIN code, will need to be confirmed by a special code sent to your phone. To activate the SMS protection, go to "Account protection via SMS-Codes" in the Trader's cabinet, enter the mobile phone number, the PIN code for your trading account, and check the box at the phrase "Turn on additional checks through an SMS message in the withdrawals of funds".

    After filling out the form you will get a confirmation code on your phone, that must be entered to activate the protection.

  9. How to participate in the contest?

    Each month, the company NordFX holds a two-week contest, with a prize fund of $ 3,500. The contest is held on a demo account, and the participation in it does not require either a live account in our company or a deposit in it.

    All participants begin trading with $10,000 on the contest account. Those who will have a maximum deposit after two weeks, will receive real cash prizes.

    Anyone can participate in the contest for free. To do this, you need to go through a simple registration procedure in the "Traders' Contest" in the Trader's Cabinet, if you have a real trading account with our Company or to register in the competition website:

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